Photo and Video Production
Done Differently

We take the hassle out of photo and video production through disruption.

Every company must be a media company. So we innovate to help you to become one.

Trusted by these brands and many more!

We can help if...

You need photo or video

You need someone to fill the gap and become your in house team

You shoot your own video but need an editor

You need to move prospects down the sales funnel faster

You need to explain your complex product/technology

You want to do something different than the standard corporate video
You need a content plan for each phase of your sales cycle

You struggle to communicate how cool your product is

You’d like to do more creative marketing, but are not sure how

You need to stand out from your competitors

Things we do that they dont.

We bring the Studio to you.

Our full service studio in a truck makes production convenient. In the past production has been expensive, intimidating, and full of hassle. The Curbside Studio was created to make production easy, fun, and simple. Just walk straight out of your door and into ours.

Interactive video

Want to up your convertion rate? How does 5x sound? What about 10x? We've even seen 14x! Let your customer play an active role in the funnel! Viewers self select their video journey live on the video itself!

Become part of the team

The secret sauce that makes your brand a media company. Need monthly, weekly, daily content? Have video needs but no capacity? Let us step up to fill the gap. We can edit video you shoot, or shoot regularly for you.

Education, Training, Online Courses

Want to shoot your own video or photos? We can teach you! Need to build a small studio in your office? We can help you!

Want us to help build a passive income stream with online course production? Yes, please!

See what people are saying

"Highly recommend Jeremy and the Curbside Studio team! So professional, knowledgeable, honest, and courteous! Not only do they create amazing content, but they are awesome to work with!" - Krista, Marketing Director

"Wow, I've never seen anything like this! It really is a studio in a truck" - Kellan, CMO

“We have a large in house production team, but often theres a need beyond our capacity. We've trusted the team at Vidpraxis to step in and get the job done on several occasions. They are always professional, effecient, and go above and beyond” - Kevin, COO


“Our first Interactive video increased our converstions by 87% and our second video beat our target goal by 972%. The interative videos are a no brainer for our business! ” - Brian, Startup Founder

Production with ease